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Here you can find information from the island Gjerøy in text, video and pictures.

Interested to know about Gjerøy? Never been on the Island before, but want to visit us? Check out this link:

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Check out Arne's YouTube Channel to see drone- and GoPro footage from Gjerøy!

"Jegertvillingene"  ( The Huntress twins ), norwegian celebrities, visited Finnvald from Gjerøy in the autumn 2017. a wonderful program with spectacular footage from the island. Watch the episode on Dplay.no!

Feyenoord supporter and Gjerøy-patriot Lars in a documentary about  dutch Feyenoord-supporters outside the Netherlands. Even though the theme in this documentary is fotball, there are still some amazing video clips from Gjerøy. Remember to activate english subtitles!

Above: Post card from the 90's - A fly photo of Gjerøy. A new post card is now available at the local grocery store. Price: NOK 39 ,- :

- Activity plan 2020 -

Activites / Events that will take place in the local community hall. More info about the events will be announced once we approach the day, and will be posted in the "Latest news" Tab:

September 10th @ 18:00:  Livestreaming Course ( Tilskuddsportalen )

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