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Map of Gjerøy:

Map Explanation:

1. Fishing Water

2. Start / End "The Arctic Circle Trail"

3. The "Manna"-cabin

4. End / Start "The Arctic Circle Trail"

5. The sports club house

6. Start "The Polaris Trail" / The Norwegian guide and scout association's square

7. "Gjerøyfjellet" ( The Gjerøy Mountain - The tallest mountain on the island, 168m )

8. Sports field

9. Community hall

10. Paul's guest quay

11. The church / Grave Yard

12. Post office

13. Grocery Store

14. Ferry- and boat pier

15. Lyngvågen Summer Café

16. Øyra Mechanical workshop

17. The bailiff's farm / Jonny's ornamental garden

- Basic information -

What is Gjerøy? And where is Gjerøy?

Gjerøy is a small island located in Rødøy munipalicity, Nordland county in northern Norway. Population of Gjerøy is approximately 60 people that live here all year around. There are also plenty of cabins and vacation houses that fills up with additional people when the summer is here.

- Business activities -

- School of Music and Culture.

- Machine entrepreneur.

- Post.

- A grocery store with open Wi-Fi, bicycle rentals and a guest quay.

- A summer café with guest quays

- Jonny's garden & The Losvik-Barn gallery.

- A mechanical workshop with a boatyard.

- A church.

- Farms.

Are there accommodation options in Gjerøy?

There is! Check out "Lyngvågen Panorama" anf "Midtgården" on AirBnB.

Also; One of the locals in Gjerøy have a basement apartment available for renting. If you are interesed in renting that you can contact Bjørg at phone +47 95 02 59 77.

You can also bring a tent ;)!

- Leisure activities -

- Scout.

- A Community Hall w/ Wi-Fi, Kitchen, Library, and wardrobes.

- A Gymnasium with opportunities for joint training and events

- "Grendehus / Ungdomshus" - A small hall with opportunities for gathering and events.

- A gym with weights, dumbbells and machines.

- Marvelous hiking trails

- Marinas

- Sea- and freshwater fishing.

- Active teams and organisations. ( See tab above for full list! )

- Potentials -

Unfortunately, we do not have many jobs on Gjerøy, but the opportunities are many, including:

- Decentralized education.

- Commuting options.

- Good opportunities for home office thanks to fast internet and good cell phone signals.

- Services -

- Fast internet and very good cell phone coverage (Telenor).

- Gardening.

- Small boat association.

- Lutheran Church.

- Music and cultural school

- Mechanical workshop.

- Ship Expedition.

- Postal services.

- Grocery Store.

- possibility to pick your own strawberries from the neighbours:

- Communication and Timetables-

How do you get to Gjerøy?

You can travel to and from Gjerøy every single weekday:

- From Bodø you can travel with the "Nordlandsekspressen" that is heading to Sandnessjøen to the south (  Translation: The north land express, NEX for short ) to Gjerøy. The trip to Gjerøy takes approximately 3 hours. Arrival at Gjerøy 19:10 Monday - Saturday ( 19:40 on Sundays).

- From Sandnessjøen to the south you can take the NEX that is heading to Bodø to the north. The trip to Gjerøy takes approximately 2 hours, and you arrive Gjerøy @ 08:00 Monday - Saturday ( 15:20 on Sundays).

- From Mo i Rana you can take the bus to Tonnes. From there you can travel with the high speed craft "Børtind". The trip from Mo i Rana takes approximately 3 and a 1/2 hours. You can travel like this every day of the week except from Saturdays. On sunday you have to travel with the NEX instead of "Gjerøy".

- With car from Bodø you can drive south to Jektvik. From there you can travel with the ferry to Gjerøy.

- From Mo i Rana you can drive with a car to Tonnes. From Tonnes you can travel with the ferry to Gjerøy.

If you are coming with your own boat you can dock at several guest quays scattered around the island.


Check down below the time tables for the local boats that stops by here.


MS "BØRTIND" - High-speed craft, "The Rødøy Pool":

MF "VÅGAN - Ferry, Rødøybassenget:

Links to Reis Nordland, Torghatten Nord and Boreals home pages. Here you will find updated boat routes and possible departures:

- MARINE TRAFFIC: Vessel Tracking -

A usefool tool in case you are near the ferry- and boat pier waiting for the boat to arrive Gjerøy:

- Hiking Trails in Gjerøy -

Below you will find map and information about the different hiking trails in Gjerøy ( External links ):

- Tourist attractions -

We have:

White beaches...

...Stunning scenery...

...And a rich bird life!

- Websites -

- Websites -

Anything else you are wondering about Gjerøy? Do not hesitate to Contact us!

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